Not so long ago, we studied in class a number of organizational metaphors, of which my favorite is ‘organizations as flux.’ Continue reading


Home case!

The case presentations that we had this afternoon and last week supports the proposition that organizations are gradually getting into the new social media world because they identified needs that require them to be there. However, during the discussions, I felt that I need not look further for an example because our home organization, the Organizational Communication Society, of which I am an elected officer, has also been present online for quite some time now.

What led OrComSoc to the realization that it needs to establish concrete digital presence? What are the tools that OrComSoc has used and is using for its online visibility, and are these tools effective? I tried to answer these questions and this is what I came up with.* Continue reading

The Calm after the Storm

It has been three days since Basyang hit the country and left a massive but already resolved blackout, and now there’s another storm brewing (Pagasa just located a LPA east of Baler, Aurora). But before everything else, I’d like to mention some realizations after Basyang hit, from a perspective of a trying-hard NSM user despite lack of Internet connection (oh yes, we still don’t have Internet after 10 days).

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Family Problems

The evolution of communication and addition of more channels to communicate is definitely revolutionary – it changed the way we live, and it changed the way organizations reach their stakeholders. After our discussion on all these evolution of businesses and communication, I was reminded that it’s not only the big corporations that are coping with these changes, I need not look further for an example, my own family has changed, thanks to the Internet and its vast potentials that await to be used and experienced.

Today is the third day that we don’t have net connection at home. Continue reading

An Empowering & Engaging Evolution

The Darwinian theory of evolution is probably the most famous evolution theory the world has ever known. It’s the most controversial as well – one of its more popular theses, that humans evolved from monkeys isn’t that easy to take in. But the core of the evolution theory is this: for species to survive, they have to evolve and develop traits that are to suit the unstable environment back then. Species that did not evolve become extinct in the process, or were left out in their primitive, underdeveloped states.

It’s not exactly the same for communication though. Continue reading