Thank you, 2011.

Warning: Long post ahead

2011 isn’t exactly the best year ever, but it has been generous enough to let me graduate, get the best job for me, cherish old friendships, build new and fun ones, and make me rich. Joke! Haha.

Here are some 2011 moments I am most thankful of. Cheers, 2011,Β  and thank you for a great year.

(Disclaimer: Most of the photos are from my friends and colleagues! Please hover over the photos for photo source/s. Thanks! πŸ™‚ )

The Last of College Days: Team BT

Team BT made quality choices. πŸ˜‰

While everyone was panicking because of the great tsunami that hit Japan (and three of us were yet to start our full-blown strat plan to be presented the next day), there we were, shootingΒ  for Unilab’s video-making contest. It’s definitely one quality choice we made, because we won second place (10K cash prize FTW); Kim, Anne, and I got a nice grade for our strat plan; and we dined in heaven at Shakey’s to celebrate our victory. And oh, BT means Blue Team. πŸ˜‰

The Last of College Days: Binondo and Team Bimbehhh

When in Binondo...

College kiddos with undying passion for eating– that’s Team Bimbehhh for you. We visited Binondo twice this year, and we’re definitely going back next year, but we’re probably visiting Little Tokyo first. πŸ™‚

The Last of College Days: OrComSoc and Communique

OrComSoc kept me sane during my last days in college. I swear, the stress of thesis-writing and the fears of not graduating were too nerve-wracking; I’d rather count election votes for OrComSoc 2012, write/edit/layout articles for Communique, or organize Project Professional over and over again. Thanks so much and I miss you, ExeCom 2011! Let’s meet soon (with Ellis on Skype!). πŸ™‚

Proud OrComSoc ExeCom alumna! β™₯

Thesis It

The smiles, the smiles!

This photo will always remind me of how the Villar Babies worked hard for our respective theses in the hopes of graduating in time and making our father proud. I swear, after the four of us defended our works, I was so happy I can conjure the world’s best patronus. And obviously, I wasn’t the only one too happy in this photo. πŸ™‚

Graduation and Good-byes

It’s true when they said that it’s hard to get in to UP, and it’s even harder to get out. Thus, my UP education will always be the accomplishment that I am proudest of. πŸ™‚ What’s inside my UP survival kit? Unwavering faith to the One, supportive family, crazy true friends, pen and paper, and loose change for photox

Photos from college graduation (It’s kind of funny when you think that a UP student can only wear the Sablay if he/she made it to the finish line, i.e., hindi siya sumablay.)…

Di magbabago ang damdamin. Push on UP!

They're the crazy ones, my friends. πŸ™‚

… and from university graduation

University graduation πŸ™‚

The girls!

Of course, good-byes are not forever. πŸ™‚ I just hope we can do a bigger repeat this 2012!

We missed the others! Next time!

Always, 4A

It’s been more than 4 years since we graduated from high school, but I’m glad that we’re somehow still intact as a class. As this year marked the graduation of most of us from college, we’re now off to different places, and we’re getting fewer every reunion, but we’ll always be 4A, and we’ll keep coming back.

Summer get-together πŸ™‚

Bigger attendance next time, yes?

Havoc and Social Media

Fifteen days after graduation, I started working in one of the country’s premier digital marketing companies, and I could have sworn I already found my calling, which is social media. True, we haven’t had enough courses about it in college, but I’m glad I am around supportive people who believe in my abilities. My 2012 pledge: prepare better content, do that project (Yay!), and be a better SMM. πŸ™‚

Merry Christmas, Havoc!

Christmas Party part 2, Cell group Fridays, Twinkle & Jet despedida, Cobach's wedding, & IMMAP Summit

Cute Rage Entertainment

Lunchtime is playtime at Havoc, thanks to this group of crazy and fun-loving people I am lucky to be office-friends with. We’ve been through a lot of birthdays, parties, and even a wedding this 2011, and I say, more of these in 2012! Yay! Thanks so much, CRE. β™₯

We're cute-raging!!!

Partyin', partyin', yeah!

Back to Books 2011

I’m recently rediscovering my love for fiction, which I thought I lost when I was buried in academic books, thanks to school. I’m just thankful that the people around me are supportive of this cause– the worlds of Harry Potter, Katniss Everdeen, Tris Prior, among others, truly enchant me, and so I’m looking forward to more book journeys in 2012.

My 2011 books! I'm currently reading HP 5 and Steve Jobs.

Westlife in Manila 2011

One of the best memories of 2011. I hope they will drop by Manila again next year for their farewell tour– yes, they’re disbanding, but I am happy for them. Thirteen long years is a feat, after all. Thank you for the music, Shane, Kian, Mark, and Nicky. πŸ™‚

Over seas and coast to coast, thank you, Westlife.

Outskirts PH

Finally, one of my dreams came true– I was able to open my own skirt shop (or co-owned, hee) in 2011. It doesn’t stop there, however. Issang and I got big plans for Outskirts this 2012, while business is currently picking up. Four words: I am totally excited.

'Outskirting' since November 30, 2011

Oh 2012, I can’t wait for you to reveal what you’ve got in store for us. Here’s wishing for a more awesome year ahead!


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