Love Outskirts

If you’ve known me from college, then you probably know that I have this penchant for skirts. It was in college when I realized that I would prefer wearing skirts over slacks for corporate attire, because I believe I look old and boring in those– too redundant, I must say. So the pieces fit: the idea of a skirt lover starting a skirt business is just logical.

College Mina and her Skirts

The idea however didn’t start as random as that. In our OrCom 153 (CommStrat) class, one of our activities was to think of a business that we want to start and strategies on running it. And surprise, surprise! I proposed a porridge business. Hahahaha! Truth be told, it was inspired by my Sunday porridge-eating sessions with my mom, and I swear it’s not another Goto King; hence, I am stopping here because I still believe that the whole idea is workable. Hoho. Anyway, right after I submitted my bluebook, I felt that I could have done better and thought of something closer to my heart, but I didn’t have any other idea in mind that time.

If I had a major non-school activity-related concern back in college, it was ‘report’ clothes. I didn’t want to be babbling geek stuff in front of the class and then add to the pain by being an eye sore. Enter the problem: since I don’t like wearing slacks, and I felt that dresses are not practical, I can resort to the top + skirt combo, but it’s a total pain to search for good skirts. Please, plain black pencil skirts are not my thing, and the area of a skirt is a space for creativity. Plus, searching for the perfect skirt entails a mall-wide search, thanks to pants which obviously outnumber the skirts at probably 10:1 ratio.

So that’s it. I want something that’ll be the ultimate skirt stop, albeit online, to make the lives of skirt-loving ladies a little easier. And it’s a win-win business– if we don’t sell, we’re wearing them. ;] And oh, it’s ‘we’ because I have a partner, my office-friend Issang who is more of a skirt person than I am. She’s more on the creative side of the business, while I’m on the marketing and operations, I guess.  Hee. We’re totally stoked with how it’s going for the first four days.

Outskirts Owners (Yeah!)

I guess this brings us to the shameless plug (HAHA): visit Outskirts PH on Facebook, like our page, and check out our debut collection. New skirts will be coming in a few days, and hopefully in a few weeks, some of our own designs. ❤ Obviously, you need to support our first collections if you want to see what amazing stuff we can churn out of our busy heads. Haha!

For the love of skirts ❤

So, for the love of skirts, visit us now and shop away!

PS If you’re wondering how I came up with the name, let’s just say it’s not so much of a random choice just because it has ‘skirts’ on it. If you insist, the answer is here. I am a fan, after all. *wink*

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