Gravity is Love

It’s been 10 days since that fateful night, but every time I’m reminded of it, I can’t help but smile like a mad girl.

I’ve been a Westlife fan for 10 years already, but I never got to attend their Manila concerts back when I was in fourth and fifth grade, and in third year high. And so when Nicky tweeted about an Asian Tour in September-October, I decided that this has to be it. I could have went for Patron VIP, but KC and I settled for Lower Box VIP.

Kian, Mark, Shane, and Nicky ❤

Extraordinary is not even enough to describe the concert– my first-ever real concert (Don’t get me to talk about the venue). The lads opened the concert with When You’re Looking Like That, and I instantly felt that my 3K was all worth it. Throughout the concert I sang with them (one of those few times that I am amazed with my memory because I was singing their circa 1999 songs), took (bad) pictures, screamed and shouted (as if there’s no tomorrow), and swooned at the lads. Haha. I swear they didn’t look like they were in their 30s, especially Nicky– the crowd howled like it’s everyone’s last day on earth whenever the camera connected to the large display screens focused on Nicky’s handsome face.

Nicky singing a stanza of Seasons in the Sun

Of course, there were also moments when I wanted to bawl right there and then, like when Westlife sang My Love. That would be the ultimate song to remind me that a lot has happened in 10 years time, and if it wasn’t enough, the song is exactly about being away from the people you love and who used to be just there. The funny thing was that, they also performed What About Now, so here I went thinking where I am right now in life and where would I be next. Westlife songs obviously served as my life markers. Enough of the cheese, please.

Admittedly, Westlife’s popularity in the country in recent years isn’t the same as back in 2001. Yet, the concert was considered a sold out one, and what made me happier was that the setlist for the Manila leg of the tour (or maybe for the whole Asian leg, I wouldn’t know) was different from the UK leg. Here they sang more of their old songs which obviously pleased the Filipino crowd. I guess they also know that pop and boybands aren’t as hot as before, but I hope their stopover in the Philippines will always remind them that they still have followers on this side of the globe, eagerly waiting for their next visit.

The crowd!

Call me a crazy fangirl or what, but September 29, 2011 would always be one of the best nights of my life. Next time (I know there’d still be one), it will be in Patron VIP, I swear.

PS The Westife lads are fans of social media (which makes me love them more)! The band has their official Facebook page and Twitter handle, and each of the guys got a Twitter account. Nicky also has an official Facebook page of his own. 🙂

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3 thoughts on “Gravity is Love

  1. Just the idea of Westlife as in THE Westlife is making me cry for no particular reason. 😦 😀 Thanks for this post, Mina! At Mabuhay ang mga fangirls (and boys)!!! 😀

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