Love Affair with GT

It’s a three-week old relationship, but I’m getting the hang of it, and I’d say that I’m truly in love with GT.

Friends, don’t freak out– GT’s the Galaxy Tab 10.1. I had a reservation placed for a unit right after the IMMAP Summit (yeah, another backlog), and claimed it August 21. Since it’s a fairly new unit in RP, I decided that I would write something about it after quite some time to serve as a guide for friends who might be interested to go tab.

Disclaimer: I’m not a techie person. I don’t know a lot about gadgets, except for their names and stuff that are practical to me. This is an entry about my experience so far. For GT 10.1 specs, click here.

My family is a Samsung Mobile family, so opting for a Samsung tab is a no-brainer, though it had some serious competition with the ASUS Transformer. The question was when and how much I am willing to pay for it. First question was answered when my one-year old Acer Aspire One netbook went dead the moment its motherboard decided against functioning, thus the need for a new device for both personal and work reasons. A new tab rather than a new netbook seemed more appealing because of the former’s mobility. The second question? I had to let go of my savings for two months.

Now here’s a list of the things that I love and otherwise about GT. Oh yes, my device’s unofficial name is GT, because it has a sexy back.

The Love List
1. It allows me to do my day-to-day activities just like when I still had my netbook.
Sure, a tablet can never replace a netbook, but GT is doing a good job anyway. I can browse the net, create documents, take pictures, play music, watch videos– the same stuff. My work and my generation require me to be a heavy net/media user, and GT keeps up with me. I guess this pretty much encapsulates everything.

2. It’s super light.
That’s coming from a girl who brought her netbook everyday back in college. GT begs to be brought to different places, so for 3 weeks, it has went to UP Manila, to Binondo, to The Fort, and to work.

3. Four stars for the Android Market
So far, the apps that I have downloaded are working well on supporting my mobile lifestyle. I don’t exactly get the people who complain about the lack of apps for Android Honeycomb (GT’s operating system). Seriously? If you’re looking for Apparition apps, this is not the tab for you. I bet the iPad isn’t, too.

4. I feel I am anywhere with it.
That’s all thanks to the 3G function of GT (Transformer doesn’t have 3G so…). I however did not get the SMART Plan 2500, just the unit. It would just be a waste because we have WiFi at home and at work. Nevertheless, the 3G function is helpful too for places without WiFi.

5. It has a native Flash Player.
I can’t imagine surfing in pure HTML, without the magic of Flash. And so Android wins. 😛

The Not-so-Love List
(Or the little things that I make a fuss over)
1. Facebook for Android is not optimized for Honeycomb.
It’s not much of a problem, because I can go to Facebook through the native browser. Plus there are reports that the app doesn’t function well across all Android devices. Nevertheless, I hope Zuckerberg fixes Facebook’s app for Android. C’mon, mobile is the next big thing. G+ has a nice Android app and is a nice alternative, if not for the lack of activity there.

2. Battery life…
… is just the same as my netbook– 9 hours. Recent Android devices share the same fate. I guess the dual core processor is to blame.

3. I turn off the WiFi when I play Angry Birds.
Angry Birds is a free app, hence the ads that appear while one is playing. The ads are downloaded through the WiFi, and in my experience, the WiFi connection causes the app to crash (I experimented on this and pinpointed the ads as the culprit.), so I turn off the net connection when I play the game.

And the list of Android apps/widgets that I really really adore: AccuWeather, WordPress for Android, Twitter, Samsung Mail, Polaris Office, Kindle for Android, Hootsuite, and Camera

Now, would I recommend it to friends? Of course I will (I am, after all, a Samsung fanatic), if (1) you can’t wait for the next-gen devices (It’s soon to fossilize given the rate of Android releases, I would have to admit.); (2) you aren’t an iOS or Bada fan (I have always believed, thanks to online articles, that the best Android devices are toss-up between Samsung and HTC units. I think Puccini or Jetstream is not yet out in the RP market, so Samsung wins by default, at least in the 10.1 department.); and (3) you are financially ready, either for a one-time big time buy or a postpaid data plan (Buying a device isn’t a joke, after all. If my netbook didn’t go bonkers, I’m sure my mom wouldn’t have allowed me to purchase a tablet. The more logical part of my brain would have went against the decision.)

To wrap up my post, here’s my favorite Galaxy Tab 10.1 promo. 🙂

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