(Or a post to make up for the 48 days of blog inactivity.)

They say the number three has the charm (more accurately, it’s “Third time’s the charm,” as per our Hum1 lesson). So on my third month, allow me to just dump these photos to summarize the whole ride so far. Keywords: birthdays and good-byes, Lulubelle’s, eatfests, their (and my) eyes all over, booklust, my Bearybank, eatfests, storm-proof, Cute Rage Entertainment.

Boom badoom boom boom badoom boom bass

And yes, on my third month + 3 days, my LSS was JAPS’ cover of Super Bass. I thought it was awesome.

Too bad I don’t have decent photos of lunchouts & buffet with Rogue ladies and the cha-cha-cha with ChaCha.


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