One hundred and fifty

It has been 150 days since I last posted a blog entry. That means I owe this blog 21 posts, one for every week that I missed; however, time wouldn’t allow me to write those posts. To make up for my blog neglect, I listed the relevant things that happened in my little world for the past 150 days, also to mark my comeback in the blogosphere. :]

April 13, 2011 - Finally donning a Sablay

In chronological order:

  • Project Professional 2011 was fun and successful.
  • Taylor Swift visited Manila, and I didn’t get a ticket.
  • Team Bimbehhh was awesome in Binondo and Digman.
  • A friend and I won UP AdHere’s Guess that Ad! I claimed my prize (from The Perfect White Shirt) three months after.
  • Our PA165 class planned and mounted Sarap Mabuhay. Ang Sarap Mabuhay talaga!
  • I had my last college sleepover with Team 2420 for GSK HR stratplan.
  • Pulot placed 2nd in the Unilab Quality Choice Challenge. Woohoo.
  • I was hired, but I requested for a month-long break because…
  • I defended my thesis the next day and finally submitted it after a month of contemplating suicide theory.
  • I survived UP and graduated from college — twice, with a bonus.
  • We got a new house and so we transferred two days after my second graduation.
  • Working on government docs and IDs is so stressful.
  • We released the second issue of Communique.
  • 4Alberione had dinner to celebrate our college successes.
  • My employment was finally formalized, and I’m stoked– until now.
  • OrComSoc had a turnover dinner and I wasn’t around because…
  • I had gastric ulcers for the first (?) time.
  • I treated three of my college friends to make up for my absence during the dinner.
  • A dear friend left.
  • I received my first salary so…
  • I treated my family to a small dinner FTFT.
  • I started writing again, and ka-ching, ka-ching I heard.
  • The rapture didn’t happen on May 21, but on that day…
  • Some sweet little girl celebrated her 18th.
  • I belonged to The Laugh Out Louds, and I became the head of a Chinese mafia.
  • Yogurt and toppings became our payday BFFs.
  • Glee S2 ended, and it was a disappointment for the Gleek in me.
  • I gave my first-ever pledge to World Vision, and I encourage you to do the same.
  • I had lunch with the Communique staff, and the coming AY will be bright for us.
  • I attended two mini-seminars, reminding me that the future is uncertain yet exciting.
  • As of writing, we already had four birthday lunches in the office, which meant free lunch. Teehee.

Looking at all these I realized three things: I am becoming too forgetful, I need to live more, and God is good.


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