The story of the online fix

Exactly 5 days ago, OrComSoc released the first issue of Communique, the org’s e-magazine. And I really thought I (we) won’t make it. I guess I am in the position to tell my Communique story, because the decision to pursue it was really on my end.

Why Communique? Communique is French for communicate, and we wanted a name that’s very OrCom and can be associated with OrComSoc forever. It was suggested by Nicole and KL and approved by the ExeCom, and it sounds unique, plus it is now used as a word for bulletin or public statement, so gora na. By the way, the other title considered was Infolink, but I imagine wires and link systems whenever I hear infolink.

Communique was already in the works before Christmas, even before OrCom Night, but we were too busy to finalize it. Marj was busy for the upcoming Ako si Ninoy musicale, I was too busy with other things (aka thesis topic). Then Christmas break came, and I told myself that I would do it. And I did. Especially the layout.

Please don’t throw tomatoes at me when you see me in school — it was my first time to do the layout of a magazine. It didn’t help that I only read Candy, Happy, and Meg, because the audience was a mix of boys and girls (I never wanted to alienate the boys in the first place, even if there were just a few of them.) in the OrCommunity (which means the vibe isn’t supposed to be for a fashion magazine). I just trusted my instincts, plus took note of the things that I’ve learned for SpCom 183 and PhilArts 126 (both under Sir Chong).

On its fifth day, it already had 1912 unique views, 260 readers, and 78 Facebook-connected likes. I guess it haven’t reached its maximum reach (redundant, yes) yet, so we still have to work on that. But as the EIC of its maiden issue plus the project head of this OrComSoc e-magazine, please let me thank a number of people who made Communique even possible:

Communique staff, you’ve done so well that I’m ashamed of my shortcomings (i.e., late layouts, heavy procrastinating, etc). Let’s talk soon to plan for April issue (and I mean soon, wait for KL’s text! Heehee)!

ExeCom, thanks for always asking when we’d release Communique. In your hearts you knew that I haven’t started the layout yet, so you pressured me to release it when classes start. You know me so well that you know I respond positively (and maniacally) to pressure.

Sir Chong! Thank you for the candid critique on the layout; my heart jumped with glee when you said you are impressed. It mattered a lot because it came from you. (And sorry for the messages I left on Facebook and on your e-mail!)

Marj, thanks for the wonderful flag you made for Communique – nothing less from OrCom2011’s queen of graphic design! And Sir Chong loved the speech bubbles. I love it too. Haha! Love you Maaaarj!

Lord, thank you for everything, I love you, and I offer all my efforts and outputs in Communique to you.

If you haven’t read Communique yet, please do so here (because Issuu won’t embed in WordPress!). Watch out for the next issue of Communique, out this April 2011. :]

PS We appreciate feedback! E-mail us at for your comments and suggestions. 🙂


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