This year, I resolve to…

I get a planner every Christmas break. The thought of having one excites me much, so I would be filling in the information pages, note all birthdays, and write my ‘targets’ on important dates. I do all these during the break, so I would also write my resolutions on the first date of the year’s space.

By March, I would have forgotten that I owned a planner. As well as having those New Year’s resolutions.

Now I’ll be writing another set, with the hope of fulfilling them for the next 360 days. Plus to make everything easier and achievable, I limited this year’s set to… tadaa, only three resolutions. Haha! I guess it’s easier to remember that I have NY resolutions when they’re just three, rather than making a long list but you don’t work on any of the listed items (which leads me to think, it’s more shameful if I only have three but at the end of the year I realized that I worked on neither! Oh well, there’s the challenge.).

So with pride, glee, and hope, here are my 2011 resolutions:

1. To never be late to school (or work, yes!) again
I was always on time back in high school, except for a day when I was tardy for nine minutes – JUST NINE MINUTES! – and I was still asked to submit a tardiness slip. Now in college, I think my latest late was for forty-five minutes, and God knows how ashamed I am whenever I come in late. I guess it’s because I have programmed my body clock to work only two hours before the time, one hour for preparing, one hour for traveling, so when unexpected travel nuisances come my way, I don’t have any time to buffer.

There goes my reason why I’m always late – traffic. So yes, I promise to leave the house 1 1/2 hour before the time. That means waking up 30 minutes earlier than usual. Woohuhu.

2. To blog more often
Every writer’s resolution! Haha! I blogged about this last time, and thanks to The Daily Post, I promise to write every Wednesdays and Saturdays. Ugh, but yes!

3. To save money
And by money, I mean coins. Because I always get my share of scolding for (1) getting coins from Mom’s coin bowl without returning any, and (2) not picking up scattered coins inside my room. That’s how irresponsible I am when it comes to coins (Bills are another story, but I’m more mindful of them heehee.).

I recently got a bear-y bank to help me realize this one. It’s a perfect reminder for me to return Mom’s coins and save some because it’s the first thing I see whenever I enter my room. And bears remind me of my OrComSoc tasks, because we in the ExeCom love bear jokes. Beary much. I started saving up just last Monday, and I know in my heart that this bear will help me become a millionaire in seven years. Ya!

Uh-oh, I'd better feed my new friend some coins! 😛

Now there goes my NY resolutions, and how I wish I’ll be able to keep them until forever.


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