Warning: Long post ahead

Inspired by the Twitter hashtag and TT for 4 days now (and counting), I’m posting a list of things from 2010 that I wish I will never ever forget. 2010 has been great, and while it’s not happy or fun everyday, I think I’m bringing with me lots and lots of experiences and memories that probably make me a better, stronger kiddo.

Now here goes my loooong list:

152 viral video
Maybe I was really disappointed with everything that happened, but  I don’t want to forget the whole experience because it reminds me (1) to believe in other people and (2) of the things I wish I did (Plus I earned a very gooood friend in the process!).

Dolan comm plan
Sir Barry, if you’re reading this, you must have realized how memorable OrCom 152 is to me. Haha! Three days of no sleep, Kimy’s unit, Hope for the Flowers, PowerMom, and the after-pitch Chowking – all these I will hold in my heart as memories from one of the best college projects I/we ever did.

After the much-dreaded pitch. Happiness! :>

If crying before Burn wasn’t memorable at all, then I’m probably not human. Other (bittersweet) memories: Target A, getting lost in Pasig, and signs of Juan-ing all over the place.

Summer internship
I must be lucky because I had time for two internships during the summer. I spent 200 hours with John Clements Consultants, Inc., under the Harvard Business Publishing division, and 100 hours with Yehey! Digital Group, under the Digital Marketing/PR/Portal department. Of course, my work varied in both organizations, but I learned a lot from the people I’ve worked with, and I miss them, for real.

Goofing around at Antel (during lunch!)

Culture Shock
Looking back, my I-don’t-have-talent moments really sound funny (and pathetic!). On another note, I didn’t mind that we lost; I just love the whole performance + bonding (but how I wish I was just part of the non-performers group).

The next time I do this, I shall be a lioness.

Trail Buds goes to Tagaytay
This is the best gala that I went to this 2010. Sobrang sayang road trip, to add that it was an on-the-spot decision to come with the Trail Buds team to visit Tagaytay. I wish we can do this more often!

Foodies all over Balinsasayaw in Silang!

Glee events
I am a Gleek, and (maybe) will always be. And thanks to ETC, I got to attend two Glee events this year – The Great Glee Sing-off where The Company performed and  The Gleek Sneak Experience, where Sunshine Corazon appeared and Mike Chang flashed his abs and kissed Tina. ❤ Glee events are always fun and freebie-filled, thus will always be remembered. Here’s to more Glee events in 2011!

Thanks for the Gleek company. ♥

Ramon Bautista
After an exclusive invite to JWT First Press where he talked about everlasting love and media, I became a fan. He must be the funniest Filipino alive. And funny people are definitely smart.

One of the funniest people I've ever met! :>

OrCom 199
199 would always be memorable – I was thankful and still am for being given the chance to be part of, first, 109.2, and then 199. I always wished classes would extend, never mind if I’d be late for my next class. I love the feeling of enlightenment after every class, but obviously not the papers and the requirements. And how will I ever forget this: “This paper is not characteristic of you,” pertaining to my output on constructivism.

Villar babies only until March 2010, yes?

OrComSoc 2010-2011
OrComSoc will always be full of win and love. Never mind if our attempted UBEs always end up as semi-fails. Never mind if OrCom Week’s and OrCom Night’s successes turned out to be larger than life (That’s just me, okay.). And most of all, never mind if we over-bask ourselves in Ceejae’s corny bear jokes. It will always be an honor to ghostwrite letters, follow up permits, look for sponsors, and carry tarpaulins for you.

OrComSoc love until the end!

Because this year is one of school friends:

Love Reunion
As the old adage goes, first love never dies. So I’m probably bound to love this group of people forever. I’m not complaining though – our first attempt to have a reunion was awesome (even if there were only 13 of us who attended). It has been, what, 5, 6 years? I say, EK trip should materialize in 2011!

Love, love, love! ♥

4Alberione Christmas Dinner
I was just thankful to have met them again – it was a fun night full of honor jokes, high school memories, and ‘fortune telling’ – the mentholated washrooms at MOA, however almost stole the night. I hope next time I can stay longer heehee (and more of us will be present!).

I miss you 4A! Pardon the latecomer who went home early. :">

OrCom 2011 Christmas Party
Too epic for words. But can I just say this: present food to our batch/class as prizes and witness essence of the phrase ‘survival of the fittest’ unfold right before your eyes. Yes, I love you, batch. And we graduate on April 15, 2010!

This is how crazy kids of RH 300 party - parlor games FTW!

Now 2011, be nice to us, kay? Happy new year, happy new memories! :]


5 thoughts on “#2010memories

  1. “It will always be an honor to ghostwrite letters, follow up permits, look for sponsors, and carry tarpaulins for you.”

    Super aww, Mina W! May 2011 be extra awesome for you! 😉

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