Social Media Release 101

Press releases might not be entirely a thing of the past, but as social media gain more influence to various communities and audiences, PR tools are also evolving to cater to them. Thus, our social media release (SMR). Following its format (somehow), here are some things worth knowing regarding our very helpful SMR.

What is a SMR?

  • A SMR is an offshoot of the good ol’ press release for the web – for bloggers, podcasters, and audiences online.
  • SMR makes use of linking, tagging, and various media content.
  • SMR gives more freedom to the ‘news picker’ to choose which content to ‘mix’ in his/her online profile/blog/podcast.
  • SMR also makes pitching for releases much easier since its format allow faster segregation of which information are important to the ‘news picker.’

Quote attributable to Barry Barrientos, Communication trends and styles lecturer, UP Manila
The features of a social media like tags, bookmarks, and links are all incorporated in the social media release. With the interconnectivity of the content, retelling of stories are made easier. *

Relevant photos

SMR template version 1.0 debuted in May 2006.

SMR template version 1.5 features more atomized content.

Relevant links
Social Media Release template, version 1.5
Article on Social Media News Release by Social Media Training
Tom Foremski’s post, “Die, Press Release. Die! Die! Die!
The Definitive Guide to Social Media Releases by Brian Solis

Social media releases are online PR tools that offer flexible content to online users through its social media features. For more information, visit the pioneering site on social media releases at

The next blog post is my attempt to make a social media release for the business of my friend. Her business is a small shop offering customizable chocolates for different occassions. I hope this SMR would help her business in one way or another, and if you’re interested to get some chocolates from her, you can reach her at 0915 8998955. :]

Go to Gee Sweets’ social media release

* I weaved parts of Sir Barry’s lecture in class to come up with this statement so it would look like a quote. Heehee. For the record, the original phrases are “features like tags, bookmarks, and links;” “interconnectivity of content;” and “retelling stories easily.” :]


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